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大名娛樂主要業務包括籌辦及製作多元化的娛樂演藝相關事業, 包括唱片製作及發行、 藝人管理,籌辦本地、內地及海外演唱會等。不斷創作、不斷尋找是我們對演藝界的執著與堅持,憑著這份信念,我們在過往製作了許多不同類型的節目來滿足各界觀眾的需要。製作認真負責,是我們對觀眾的承諾,展望未來,大名將製作更多高質素節目以回饋各界一直以來的支持。



大名娛樂藝人管理自二零零七年成立至今,一直致力發掘及提拔有潛質之新人。並於, 二零一一年,大名娛樂更創立旗下唱片公司「名將音樂」。 現時大名娛樂旗下藝人有胡渭康、戴夢夢、何傲兒、范振鋒、葉姵延、陶枳樽、蘇浵、CHOCO及劉凱欣。




Big Honor Entertainment Ltd was established in 1988 as a company with a long history in providing comprehensive service and modernized entertainment. We aim to be creative and energetic towards the development of our entertainment business in both show production and artists’ management. Over the years the company has transformed itself not only with the support and recognition from the public, but also with the help of our enthusiastic and hard working loyal staff, that helped the company in attaining valuable experiences and successful performances.


Arrangements and Shows Production

The main focus of our business is the specialization in production and arrangements of different types of musical events. These ranges from indoor and outdoor concerts, variety shows to on-stage performances and carnivals spreading throughout Hong Kong, China and even the Overseas market. We promise to keep our beliefs and creativity in producing well-organized performances of more excellence and quality.


Artists Management and Records Production

Our company has been nurturing young talents since 2007 and plans to expand and develop our Artistes Management further. We have launched a singing competition, in hopes to excavate potential artistes and to build up a fresh image in show businesses. Our Hong Kong Artistes includes William Hu, Renee Dai,  Lily Ho, Ricky Fan, Yip Pui Yin, Crz To, TungTung So, CHOCO and Byoung Lau.

In year 2011-12 Big Honor Entertainment Ltd had set up a new Records Company Honor Records, and produced CD records for the coupled group Jason and Karene as well as our new girls band CHOCO.

2013 onwards, Big Honor Entertainment Ltd and Honor Records will keep expanding and improve to become a modern entertainment company with fresh-faced artistes and extensive entertainment coverage in the market.